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Abiro Jiminy SMS java app free download

game pic for Abiro Jiminy SMS Name - Abiro Jiminy SMS
Category - entertainment
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 69 KB
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Ver v1.30 -cracked, for java

Jiminy! SMS is a simple to use tool for chatting via SMS. Your buddies are identified by their phone numbers, and you can easily look up contacts in your phone book to add as buddies.

It's most useful if you have a subscription with free SMSs. It uses your existing SMS service, so whatever you are charged for that will be the same for Jiminy! SMS. If it's nothing, then it's nothing for Jiminy! SMS too.

Similar to other chat applications it will store messages in a chat log and you can set up buddies and phrases for easy access. You can also set up how you should get notified of new messages etc. All settings (in Buddies, Phrases and Setup) are saved persistently, so you can safely exit the application without losing any data, including the latest messages in the chat log.

As messages sent from Jiminy! don't arrive in the normal Inbox of the recipient's phone, all involved in a Jiminy! chat session must use Jiminy!.

If your phone supports it, Jiminy! can automatically start on incoming messages addressed to Jiminy!. This means you can exit Jiminy! and still get notified of new messages from other users