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Category - mobileoffice
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Type - jar
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Ver v7.30317863 Alpha, for j2me 240x320

Phone Number Validation
The client sends an SMS to us for each email account you register. This is for purposes of testing the reporting functionality.

The number is +447624802625, located on the Isle of Man, and it is owned by a service called ASPSMS. For most users, this will be an international SMS and hence there will be a charge for it from your carrier. Most users in the UK will also be charged a higher rate for sending SMS messages to the Isle of Man.

We are working on adjusting the Terms and Conditions and the warnings upon client installation to more clearly set the expectations related to this.

We have received reports that the number is an escort service. This is not true. We purchased the rights to use the number from ASPSMS. It is possible that the number was owned by an escort service in the past, and we of course have no way of verifying this, but we assure you that it is legitimate.


Support for Calendar Sync
This version adds support for calendar sync. Supported mail account types are Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, and 2007 via Workgroup Edition, Enterprise Edition and Out of Office? (OWA); IBM Lotus Domino R6, R6.5, R7, and R8 via Workgroup Edition and Enterprise Edition; and Gmail / Google Apps.

Device Access Control
This version includes data encryption to provide protection in the event of loss or theft of the device. When used with Enterprise Edition, additional functionality is available that can be enforced by the connector administrator. Administration of the additional functionality is done in the Enterprise Edition connector console.

Preset Responses
This version includes a list of preset responses such as "I'll call you later" that can be edited by the user. This is particularly useful for 12-key phones, which are prevalent in the J2ME market.

Support for Reply-To header
This version includes support for the Reply-To header. It is now possible to configure accounts to include a Reply-To header when sending mail so that replies are sent to a different email address, and when replying to messages that were sent with a Reply-To header, the reply is sent to the address specified in the Reply-To header.

This version includes several settings to control the type of mail that is synced. Users can choose to bar specific senders, to sync only mail where their address appears in the To: or Cc: field, etc.