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Type - jar
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Ver v1.20.01, for J2ME

The Enterpreter is the most comprehensive compilation of all translation programs into one - an inclusive application of a dictionary, thesaurus, verb conjugation, sentence/phrase translation, and audio playback for pronunciation. Enterpreter is the perfect wireless translation companion for any tourist, business traveler or student learning a new language. The Enterpreter bridges the communication gap by providing robust English-Spanish translation solutions.

Enterpreter is an easy-to-use mobile translation application that produces context-sensitive translations. Boasting the mobile industry’''''s most comprehensive and robust functionality, the Enterpreter has a bilingual dictionary and thesaurus with over 695,000 translated words, 200,000 phrases, and the unique ability to receive the spoken translation and save it for learning on the go. The state-of-the-art Enterpreter conjugates over 20,000 verbs into 17 different personalized grammatical forms.

The Enterpreter is designed to be flexible, user friendly and personal. The application is a comprehensive proprietary web 2.0 application that uses minimal memory on the mobile device to deliver robust results unheard of in mobile translation. In addition to returning full sentence written translation, the Enterpreter provides a dialect correct audio file giving the accurate pronunciation of the translated phrase and the ability to store the results for future review.

Product Features:
Translate entire phrases or sentences.

Dictionary functionality that provides related words and phrases.

Thesaurus, find a similar word and then translate that word.

Verb conjugation, conjugates all 17 verb tenses.

Saved translation feature allows you to store frequently used translations, and view at a later time.

Audio playback for correct pronunciation of the translation, with instant replay and volume controls.

Enterpreter Mobile Translator utilizes:

Ten thousand syntax rules.

Over one million significant markings embedded in the database.

State-of-the art artificial intelligence to produce context-sensitive, not literal, translations.

Requires a data plan to access our online databases where hundreds of thousands of Spanish and English word pairs are stored.