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Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
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Ver v4.5, for J2ME

amAze is a first of its kind free GPS navigation, mapping, yellow pages and local search service. It is completely free to download and use and it contains the maps of Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia with more countries added all the time, as well as over 100 cities with high resolution satellite images. View your location on the map, plan best route to your destination, search for POI and turn this LBS tool to your best travel companion. Learn more at


Navigate for FREE: amAze is the only GPS navigation software that is really FREE- No future payments, no tricks. Supports both external Bluetooth GPS or internalGPS.

View detailed maps: Wide coverage of detailed maps in Europe, North America, Australia, parts of Africa and Asia. You'll be amazed by the high quality and colorful maps.

Satellite images, seeing is believing: Amaze yourself with navigation over high resolution satellite images. See all the fine details that no other navigation system can show you on a mobile phone.

Hybrid maps: What can be better than a detailed street map superimposed over a detailed satellite image? Get the best of all worlds on one map on your own mobile phone.

Worldwide weather By Meteomedia: Whenever you look on a map, we bring the weather forecast of that region to you with a nice and easy graphical indication. You can easily drill down to see also the next 5 days forecast.

Keywords search: Search for all basic points of interest by their name or category and view them on a map or satellite image.

Local search directories: Search in detailed yellow pages directories. Navigate to your search result with one click of a button.

Vocal guiding: Your phone can talk to you. Let clear voice instructions guide you safely to your destination.

Regional settings: Setup amAze to support the language and other regional settings you are comfortable with.

Save data costs with arrows mode: Get guidance with clear visual arrows that will show you the exact turn you need to make with accurate indication of the next intersection. This feature is very economical on data consumption and a great solution for those who don't have a flat data package or when roaming outside of home network.

Get textual and visual routing instructions: Even if you do not own a GPS, you can still use amAze as your mapping and routing tool. Just define point A and B and get the best route between them with clear textual and graphical instructions.

Save and manage your favorite lists: You can save any point on the map or any search address under you favorites list for future fast access

Rotated map during navigation: Even on your regular Java phone amAze can rotate the map in your driving direction. This cool feature is yet another reason to drop the traditional expensive navigation systems in favor of the FREE amAze.

Cool simulation mode: Even if you do not yet own a GPS, or if you just want to plan your route ahead of time, amAze allows you to run a simulation mode. Just define your start point and destination and select the demo mode. amAze will run a simulation showing your progress on the map or arrows and you can even setup the simulation driving speed.

What's new in version 4.5 ?
* Improved User Interface
* Faster Maps
* Keypad short codes
* Wider Support for Handsets
* New support for iDEN (Nextel) handset
* Improved support for touch screen
* Change screen between "Portrait" and "Landscape" modes
* Full earth view - Rotating Globe
* New Signed versions for BlackBerry Handsets
* Wider Mapping Coverage - new countries added
* Improved local search mechanism
* Improved Windows mobile version