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game pic for Whrrl -240X320 Name - Whrrl -240X320
Category - misc.
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v7.19, for J2ME

Whrrl is a new mobile network that lets you aggregate information as you visit different places in life. It’s generally like a location review service that’s wrapped up in a map mashup and a social network.
If you’re on the north side of town and you’d like to find a restaurant or a local museum, you can access whrrl on your mobile and do a search based on your location. From there you can filter search results based on ratings, users, activity type, price, hours of operation, distance and neighborhood.
If you go to a location and would like to review it, you can “check in” and write your review (this is in a wiki format), give it a rating, and this is all incorporated into the Whrrl database for other users’ benefit. Add some images if you’d like. People like to look at pictures. Locations can also be bookmarked, so you can check them out the next time you’re on that side of town. If you’d really like to be kept up to date with what’s going on around you, check out your newsfeed. This consists of activity going on with your friends.
What’s good about having friends on whrrl is you already have a trusted network that you can hit up first, before expanding out your search to include others you don’t know. There are also options for creating an event, or a meetup, at a particular location, which lets you say what time you’ll be there, and invite others to join you at a particular location.
Whrrl is already working with American Eagle for in store promotions, as a way to encourage you to use the site. That being said, it can be understood that whrrl’s network will be used as a targeted coupon site for brands looking for a new way to push mobile ads. This could be helpful, as the overall objective is to create a real-time network. That means you could receive a Starbucks coupon while you’re sitting at the table (or more ideally, while you’re waiting in line).
Considering the recent privacy issues brought forth regarding Google’s acquisition of mobile network Jaiku and the recent case brought against Facebook for mobile messaging, it’s important to discuss what Whrrl plans on doing towards this end. It’s taken a Facebook approach, meaning that users have a pretty high level of control over who can view what information about you and your activity.
You can enable Whrrl to publish your status and location updates to your Twitter account.