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game pic for Instango Name - Instango
Category - business
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 434 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 74 ratings
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Ver v0.68.96 Beta, for j2me

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Discover a new way of text messaging on your mobile phone

Free instant messaging to other instango users
and users of GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo!
(Share photos, music and any other files!)

Free Push-to-Talk to other instango users

Realtime news delivered to your mobile

Save up to 90% on international calls NEW

...and much more

This is our latest public beta version 0.68.96

Changes since last release:
- Multi-Account support (i.e. 2x ICQ, 1x MSN) incl. setting of status per account
- Completely redesigned account management
- Added experimental feature: Optimize power consumption while auto-away. This feature should optimize battery consumption while your device is auto-away by queuing up status changes of your contacts. This will especially benefit users with large (100+) contact lists. Let us know whether you notice a difference.
- Added experimental feature: compression (This will save more than 50% of traffic, sometimes even more than 75%, especially during long running connections.)
- Settings are now stored on phone everytime they are changed
- Enhanced reconnection handling (i.e. when no coverage)
- Flat theme is now new default theme
- Option to auto-update contact photos
- Conversations are now shown as duplicates, contact no longer removed from its original position
- Showing contact count on all group headers
- Traffic counter resets on disconnect
- Added new chat style 'bubbles'
- Added connection tests on initial startup
- Added 'Select Text' function in chat
- Added day separator in chat
- Added composing event support
- Fixed disabling of audio message auto play not working
- Fixed storing of contact photos
- Fixed exit problem on some devices- Changed full and mixed contact list style; full will now always show an photo, if there is non, a generic photo will be shown; mixed behaves like full did before
- Fixed auto-away not working
- Fixed problems in photo selection
- Fixed opening of push-to-talk messages, pictures, files and links in chat
- Fixed contact list text overlapping photos on the right
- Fixed camera support for some devices

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