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game pic for GmbH GPSed Name - GmbH GPSed
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver 3.01, for j2me

GPSed is a location-based service for trip tracking from mobile. In real time tracks are traced on maps and stored in an online archive. With a simple geotagging feature it is possible to pin photos to a map precisely at a place they were taken.

Map GPS tracks from your mobile and keep them in a personal archive

Record tracks of your trips anywhere on the Earth from your mobile phone. Tracks are traced on Maps and stored in an online archive. All you need to start tracking is a mobile device with an internal or external GPS receiver.
In areas without network coverage it is still possible to record tracks by a mobile device. These tracks can be imported to GPSed web service when you are in the area with good network coverage. Positioning data can be transferred online via GSM, EDGE, 3G or WiFi networks.

Pin your photos to a map with one-###### geotagging feature

Take photos while traveling and link them to a map precisely at a place they were taken. The geotagged photos will be stored on your computer for easy and private access. See your geotagged photos in one ###### on Earth. You can get free desktop service GPSed Photo Take''n''Pin on

Share your position coordinates and tracks with friends and family

Sharing your trip impressions with friends is easy. Just select "Email to Friend" or send as SMS and your friends will receive a link to your public tracks. Post your records to Social Networks.

The uploaded tracks are stored on the server and available for review and management from GPSed web service.

Transfer your recordings via Bluetooth.
Make your tracks Public/Private.
Detailed track information.
Sophisticated user interface: tracks auto-zoom; compass and more.
Search among your tracks and public tracks of other users.
GPSed is fully compatible with mobile devices equipped with the internal GPS receivers. GPSed is also compatible with mobiles that can connect to the external GPS receiver via Bluetooth and with any GPS receivers (like Garmin GPS, TomTom GPS and others) that can record tracks in GPX, PLT, KML and other formats.