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game pic for Control Calorie Name - Control Calorie
Category - healthfitness
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.2 Froyo
Size - 5032 KB
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Android 2.2 and up

"How many calories you get in a day?How many calories you need?This application calculate your average calorie need and show your status.This programme indeed nearly everything which every types of foods and drinks we consume in our daily life.As you see in screenshots; Starbucks, McDonalds,Burger King, KFC etc. foods and drinks are includes too.By the way you can find foods easily with new Search.Also ""Worked Out"" function had just added.You should try this.If you want to add or remove calories manually also you can do this anymore.I will add new foods/drinks on every occasion... Finally this one is developing day by day.
Any suggestions or errors please E-mail me.