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game pic for Bluevoice Name - Bluevoice
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 19 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 104 ratings
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Ver v0.1.0 Beta, for J2ME

DJK Bluevoice is an application for voice chat using bluetooth.

Requirements: MIDP2.0 CLDC1.0, Bluetooth API - JSR82, Media API - JSR135.

The detection of all bluetooth devices in your area;
The devices are identified by type (phone, pc, pheriferall, misc, e.t.c.);
The application shows you useful information about your device and about the device that communicate with;
You can send voice messages by using 1,3-keys (start/stop talking);
You can restrict the access to your own device using 5-key;
To use this application with success,you must have on your device "java bluetooth api" and you must be able to play "amr voice content".