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SpeedTracker java app free download

game pic for SpeedTracker Name - SpeedTracker
Category - travelnavigation
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 65 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 64 ratings
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Ver v1.0.1, for J2ME

Use this software, to track bandwith-/downloadrate, latency and GPS values from your mobile devices!

* Test your current downloadrate / latency
* Create GPS-Tracks, together with downloadrate / latency
* Show and compare different tracks and mobile provider

ou can measure yourself, measure and analyze the statements ...

* Regions in which mobile applications can
* How the user's download rates and latencies in reality experienced
* What specific requirements are for mobile Web applications that result
* How location-based services in fast moving vehicles behave
* Such as coverage and availability of various mobile networks is


Search by ZIP code and places

* Search by postcode
* Enter the names of places
* Additional indication radius (5, 10, 20, 50 km)

Selective filtering

* Filtering by ISPs (T-Mobile, E-Plus, Vodafone, etc.)
* Devices: mobile phones and laptop
* Period

Search for Tagwords / Keywords

* Indexing of the tracks
* Presentation by Tagcloud

Top Ten Tracks

* The best reviews
* The worst ratings
* The highest measurements in the average
* The lowest measurements in the average
* The latest measurements
* The longest measurements
* Last edited measurements


Export to CSV

* File import into database or Excel sheet
* Separate individual evaluations and possible representations

Export to GPX format

* Storage format of geographical positions
* Longitude, latitude and altitude data
* Import into known GPS Portals

Export as SPTX format

* Speed Track Exchange
* Latency and download rates are integrated with
* First official exchange format for geocoded mobile transmission rates


There should be four things at the track compared to be taken into account

* Identical phone model for measurements of various providers
* Identical route to the same time of day off
* The same Prüfdatei load of identical web
* Both measurements should be made within 24 hours