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91 Pandahome Pro android apk free download

game pic for 91 Pandahome Pro Name - 91 Pandahome Pro
Category - productivity
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.0 Eclair
Size - 3829 KB
Rating - 0/5 from 8 ratings
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Ver 2.5.3, for android 2.0 and up

91 PandaHome Pro Introduction:
91 PandaHome Pro is a brand-new Android 2.0-based home replacement app which is compatible with new features of Android 2.0 and higher. It features faster and smoother running, the richest theme resources, the strongest DIY functions, the most useful multi-screen/Dockbar extensions and unique customization options, to bring you a refreshing user experience on smartphones.
1. Rich theme resources, easy home theme switching;
2. Unique pop-up circular menu for you to DIY your home icons easily;
3. Quick screenshot, easy sharing, for you to show off your colorful home screens;
4. Application trays of five different styles for you to choose from at will;
5. Convenient Dockbars for you to sort and manage your apps freely;
6. Beautiful sound effects to bring you a dynamic user experience;
7. Unique visual placement function for you to place your home icons and widgets in a visual way.

1. You can tap “Themes” on the home screen to download more themes for PandaHome;
2. You can long press on an app icon on the screen till the phone vibrates to bring up the circular shortcut menu;
3. You can pinch your fingers across the screen to enter the multi-screen management, where you can view various screens, custom your home screen, delete or add screens.
4. Long press on a blank spot on the home screen, choose “Surface Actions” from the pop-up “Add to Home screen” menu, where you can add Notification Bar Toggle, Dockbar Toggle, Wallpaper Scrolling Toggle and more to your home screen;
5. Long press on a blank spot on your home screen and choose “Widget”, you can choose and add many useful Panda widgets to your home, including “PandaHome Toggle”, “System Toggles” etc. More widgets are available for download in “PandaHome Widgets”.