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World Fighting Heroes 2 240x320 java game free download

game pic for World Fighting Heroes 2 Name - World Fighting Heroes 2
Category - shootingfighting
Resolution - 240x320
Type - jar
Size - 125 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 22 ratings
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Insane combats, several characters and various enemies, several game modes, different kinds of weapons. There are characters to play for; each of them has his/her own features, skills and spells: fireballs, ice blasts, etc. When you finish with the game for two different characters, you can play in the Double Strike mode: you get a partner character to help you fight your enemies.

When you finish the game in the Double Strike mode and kill the boss, you'll get another special character. This will be just about time to forget about everything you got to know about the game and re-discover it for yourself once again. But there are more secrets in the game.

The game has following implementations:
- Various strikes - from simple 'waving with fists' to super-killing jumping kicks
- Ability of defense: blocking the enemy strikes, avoiding darts... Or you may simply push a barrel into the water and jump upon it - the enemies won't get you there
- Ability to use weapons: you should simply take it away from the enemy. But make sure the enemy's not going to take it back from you
- Complicated bonus system: you may increase the strength or just become invincible for some period of time

You have to complete all levels before you meet with the Boss. After the level is done it's getting closed for this campaign.

Basic features:
Ability to play in one of the four modes:
- Campaign - you start the game with one of the characters and have to pass through all missions and get the Boss
- Training - you play on the first level without scoring - it's just a tutorial
- Sparring - This mode is enabled after you finish with your campaign. You may fight any of the characters. You may choose your character only among the ones which you already tried in the Campaign..
- Double Strike - the player gets an additional character to help him pass through the game.