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Warring States Deluxe android game free download

game pic for Warring States Deluxe Name - Warring States Deluxe
Category - RPGstrategy
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 5634 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 10 ratings
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Ver 1.19, for Android Game

This is our popular MMO RPG-Strategy game. You are a chieftain of a small village during the Shang period in China (1600 BC), and by making key decisions in research, commerce, city planning, and ultimately warfare, you can develop your village into a mighty empire. The game needs long-term strategy planning and RPG combat and is ideally suited to be played on mobile devices.

* Classic Simcity/ Civilization style build, research and expand.
* Easy step by step tutorials guide you in game.
* Train and promote general, forge your great army, fight with NPC and other players.
* Offline development, when you log out, your empire will continue to run based on your orders.
* Huge world map filled with quests, NPC, resource outpost, and mysteries waiting for you to explore and conquer!
* Great gears and items can be looted during battles.
* Quests for all levels of players, complete them for great rewards.
* Intelligent city attack/ defense system!
* Create or join clans to fight and win together with friends!
* Chat with other players online.