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V-rally 3D 240x320 java game free download

game pic for V-rally 3D Name - V-rally 3D
Category - sportracing
Resolution - 240x320
Type - jar
Size - 571 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 103 ratings
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Combatible Devices J2me 240x320 :
Nokia 3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61, E70, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N9

The King of rally racing games is back on your mobile phone!
V-Rally 3D offers stunning 3D graphics true to the original console version, on 12 racing tracks spread over 3 thrill-packed locations from around the globe, each one bursting with adrenaline-fuelled racing excitement. Either race in the championship or against your friends via Bluetooth or WAP. V-Rally 3D has to be played to be believed!

Instructions :
V-Rally is the King of rally racing games, synonymous with high speed, adrenaline, thrills and spills! V-Rally 3D pushes the limits of your mobile phone to deliver a spectacular console-like racing experience. This exclusive wireless edition offers stunning 3D racing action on 12 tracks spread over 3 thrill-packed locations from around the globe, each one bursting with unique features, varied track conditions and a tank-full of adrenaline-fuelled excitement. Have you got what it takes to qualify in all three exciting modes of play? Prove your prowess against the clock and smash the stage records in Time Attack. Battle your way through the championship mode to unlock bonus cars and bonus tracks, each one boasting natural hazards and perilous driving conditions. In multiplayer mode, compare your driving skills with other V-Rally 3D players on the global Hall of Fame rankings and then challenge them to a race to find the ultimate V-Rally 3D champion!

Controls :
For Manual Driving:
-Joystick right - Right
-Joystick left - Left
-Left soft key or 1 - Gas
-Joystick up - Gear up
-Joystick down - Gear down
-Switch cam - 9
For Automatic Driving:
-Joystick right - Right
-Joystick left - Left-Joystick up - Gas
-Joystick down - Break/back
-Switch cam - 9