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Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes 128x160 java game free download

game pic for Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes Name - Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes
Category - Arcade
Resolution - 128x160
Type - jar
Size - 347 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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This is the birth of a human civilization!

Huge mammoths and dinosaurs are running along the Erath,the woods are full of saber-toothed tigers, ferocious wolves, people live in caves, lead continuous fights for the territories and believe only in the totems of the Great Gods. Unknown outside world beckons and frightens at the same time ...

Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes game features:
A real prehistoric adventure in your phone!

Colorful, stylish, cartoonish graphics.

Funny lively characters, which are impossible to be ignored.

Unique inimitable style of play and exciting adventures!

Easy management.

18 exciting missions that will not let you get bored.

13 types of buildings - from the hut of sticks and canines to Tiger Totem Shaman hut.

You are a leader of a small tribe, and the spirits prompted you a path to victory in a dream. Now his fate is only in your hands!Take all of your will in the fist - challenging assignments, treacherous enemies and overwhelming obstacles are waiting for you! Erect buildings, hunt to feed the army, attack and defend yourself, enable all possible resources for the tribe to wincin this prehistoric world.
You have to train soldiers, grow leaders, hunt the great beasts and sacrifice in the prehistoric temples - all for the sake of your tribe! Do not forget that your fellows are human beings as well -they may be tired, hungry, frightened, but they can fool around,dance and have fun. Your task is to organize them into one team and assign responsibilities properly.

Your tribe is far from being the only one in a huge hostile world. Other tribes may submit their rights to your territory and hunting grounds - and you have to defend them in a battle!

In addition, you may meet ferocious saber-toothed tigers, bears and huge dinosaurs - so prepare your tribe for any eventuality ... Who knows, what the next day or the next night may prepare for you. Light the fires, put the time giards and sharpen stone axes - for preventing a saber-tooth rabbit from breaking through your stock of food!