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Toy Truck DEMO android game free download

game pic for Toy Truck DEMO Name - Toy Truck DEMO
Category - sportracing
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 10156 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 15 ratings
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Android 2.1 and up

This is the DEMO version.
Get the Full version for:
More tracks
Race and Time trial modes
No advertisements
For those commenting on controls,
there are two types of controls you can select
from main menu:
Digital and Analog.
You can also adjust steering sensitivity in the customize truck menu.
Test your speed and setup or just find a fun jump.
It's an RC truck on your mobile device that you can setup to your liking.
3d environments and obstacles to command your truck through.
dual thumb stick controls.
Saves the best time and race so you can challenge yourself anytime.
Options of changes to truck are:
-Steering sensitivity
-Suspension settings for all four wheels.
-Spring Stiffness
Set your truck up for getting through the courses fast or simply flipping your truck off a jump lip.
Control options : You can select between digital and analog right from the main menu.
Play how you like, this is a toy, after all.
Full Version:
Toy Truck