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Tanchiki 240x320 java game free download

game pic for Tanchiki Name - Tanchiki
Category - shootingfighting
Resolution - 240x320
Type - jar
Size - 279 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 66 ratings
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Here we intend to gladden you, the amateurs of legendary "Tanchikov" for the "dandies", after making it necessary to recall the inexpressible sensations from the previous game and to survive everything anew with the larger force. The same, whom for any reasons this game went around by side, we want soak to make a captivating discovery for itself.

"tanchiki" are created on the motives of the classical arcade Battle City, it is there is no time improbable to popular on the play prefixes Dendy. Outstanding of tyuis geympley game made it uncommonly dynamic and involving. Players could not be literally "dragged away for the ears" from the game, which deprived their food and of sleep. If for you it was possible to play a little into this remarkable game, to you all this is familiar.

Certainly, proposed to your attention game Of "tanchiki" is differed from its predecessor and another tanchikov, created on her motives. It is characterized by the beautiful drawing, still greater by dynamics and by the variety, reached because of the interesting missions, an enormous quantity of new weapon and the clever enemies. Also our "Tanchiki" you will pleasantly astonish by the qualitative music, which accompanies different missions.

In this case, in spite of this quantity of differences, "tanchiki" they will give to you the possibility to feel that which there is no time riveted to game Battle City you and so many people in the world. A big enough quantity of games on the motives of tanchikov today attempts to take possession of your attention and time. However, of them it little for whom was possible to repeat that unusual atmosphere, which reigned in Battle City. Do not consider for the immodesty, but the opinions of players, which already established our java- game to itself to the telephone, they make possible for us to state, that For "tanchikam" this succeeded! Playing in "tanchiki", you will feel the spirit of previous game for the "dandies"! However, pleasant news itself is the fact that now in tanchiki it is possible to play a little not only on the computer or the prefix. Mini game works in the cell phone! Toy tanchiki will join in the struggle on the screen of your telephone.

Before you they will stand different purposes - "to wet all enemies", or, for example, "to steal enemy flag" and so forth you should carry out all missions, which today it is already more than 30. With each level of task they will be it becomes increasingly more complex, enemies - increasingly stronger and it is clever, will appear enemy radars and guns