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Talking Ginger android game free download

game pic for Talking Ginger Name - Talking Ginger
Category - RPGstrategy
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 16077 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 44 ratings
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King Ginger is a funny application for devices on the base of Android. It is late and high time for the small Ginger to go to bed. It is necessary to take a shower, get dry, and also brush your teeth and go potty. You are to help him! When you help him with all the above mentioned manipulations the new dreams of the cat will be unlocked. It is necessary to unlock 50 dreams on the whole. Funny cat will repeat everything you say in his own voice and also react on your touches and stroking. You may record a merry video with the red cat and share it with your friends via Facebook or send MMS or e-mail with it. The application is very interesting for adults, as well as for children. The game may be used not only as a merry entertainment, but also as a reminder for a little child to go to bed.

Notice! At the first start of the application, you will need to download about 6-42 megabytes of additional data (cache) in order to achieve the best quality display graphics on your device. CASH for some phones will be available on our website.