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Taito Volfied K750 176x208 java game free download

game pic for Taito Volfied  K750 Name - Taito Volfied K750
Category - actionadventure
Resolution - 176x208
Type - jar
Size - 219 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Select PLAY GAME to begin playing. Once in the game, using the joystick. you can move the 'Scanner' ship around the 'Shield Line' at the parameter of the playing area. While moving around this edge the ship is protected from the aliens by a shield indicated by a glowing circle around the ship. This shield is not infinite and care should be taken to complete each level as quickly as possible. A counter indicates the level of shield that you have: when it reaches zero then any contact with an alien is deadly whether you are on the 'Shield Line' or not.

The idea of the game is to cut areas out of the screen without touching any of the aliens. this is done by pressing the fire button which initiates the 'Laser Cutter' and moving off the 'Shield Line' and rejoining it somewhere else. While you are in the process of drawing a line, your shield is inactive and touching an alien is fatal. Similarly, if one of the aliens touches the line then it will send a charge down the line towards you and you must quickly return to the safety of the edge before it reaches you.

When you rejoin the 'Shield Line' the area that does not contain the 'Boss' alien will be filled (points are gained by trapping the other aliens) and the 'Shield Line' will be adjusted to surround the area that is left. The level is completed when a certain percentage of the total area has been filled in. This percentage starts at 80% but may increase in the later levels.

Volfied · Bonuses

Throughout the game there are a number of 'Bonus Blocks' which can be captured to give the 'Scanner Ship' special abilities or add to your points totally. Some of these 'Bonus Blocks' are permanent and other appear at fixed intervals.

There are also several 'Special Bonuses' for completing the screens in different ways - these will have to be discovered by you the player, in your fight for ultimate supremecy