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Suicidal Squirrels 128x128 java game free download

game pic for Suicidal Squirrels Name - Suicidal Squirrels
Category - Logic
Resolution - 128x128
Type - jar
Size - 73 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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SE K500

They're cute! They're adorable! And they're having enough of it all! Your mission is to help lots and lots of Squirrels kill themselves. To complete a level, you need to guide all Squirrels to a fatal death trap, so they can successfully commit suicide. Your goal is to guide them to the death trap which is located somewhere in the level. Death traps are not very hard to identify. When you see one, you'll know it... Squirrels will simply walk straight forward in the direction they're facing, looking for the death trap. If they run into a wall, they'll turn around and walk back in the opposite direction. If Squirrels approach edges, they will either jump down, or - if it's too high for a jump - turn around and walk