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Space Miner SE 176x208 java game free download

game pic for Space Miner  SE Name - Space Miner SE
Category - actionadventure
Resolution - 176x208
Type - jar
Size - 254 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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The year 2500. Earth, almost everywhere covered with water and can not maintain life after the series of global warmings and complete exhaustion of resources. Humanity has the only chance to survive resettlement to other planets. But it requires lots of energy and resources. So the best of the best, independent miners having perfect mining equipment and great thirst of gain start on their journey to the space to extract it from alien and unexplored planets.

You are one of them.

A journey to the depths is waiting for you, depths full of unpredictable dangers and enormous riches. You will fill your cargo hold by gold and platinum, uranium and vanadium, mysterious rhenium and thantryl to sell it to Intergalactic Mining Organization. For your proceeds you'll be able to improve your drift miner buy a new drill, engine, improve your armor or cooling system and go farther down, deeper into the darkness.
It is natural that your service is more then just required. Corporations will buy the resources you gathered, scientists and smugglers will order you the search of certain artifacts, items and signs of other civilizations, because it is rumored that under surface of some desert planets, still can stay the glimmers of alien life.