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Space Buggers android game free download

game pic for Space Buggers Name - Space Buggers
Category - ArcadeShooter
Supports - Android 2.3.3 and higher
Type - android
Size - 28928 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 26 ratings
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E Buggers represents a very dynamic game for Android, reminding scroll-shooter where you are compelled to plow open space and to finish with various alien ships. In this game speech goes about space, but fight can be considered stationary as all operations happen near our native planet. For certain you know that no researches will be able to give to people of the Earth a guarantee of lack of threat for our planet from deep space. First, the speed of meteorites and especially the intergalactic ships can be such that they simply won't be noticed from the Earth, and secondly, today the mankind hasn’t learned to examine the objects which are coming nearer to us from the Sun. For this reason the decision to put a neutron gun on an orbit of the earth by means of which you should beat off from importunate meteorites, comets and uninvited guests was made. Yes, the distance from the Earth will be small, but due to the lack of the atmosphere on an orbit you can look much farther, than telescopes, and see coming nearer danger on a locator located in the center of the screen, in the form of a translucent aura round the Earth.