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Siege Hero android game free download

game pic for Siege Hero Name - Siege Hero
Category - classicarcade
Resolution - multi
Type - android
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Iege Hero you are to become a real destroying hero. Indian wigwams, knights’ castles and asylums of Vikings; you have to find a weak point in them to destroy another building using stones, bombs, fuel mixture and other weapons of that kind. The more unused ammunition is left, the more extra points you get at the end of the level. There can be hostages in some of the buildings, so it is desirable to destroy the buildings in such a way so that the hostages remained alive. It will also add you bonus points. In general, you can estimate how successful you are in completing the game looking at the crown in the upper right corner. If it is completely yellow, then the level is completed perfectly, and if it is half-painted, you'd better play the level once again.