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ResourseCraft (Rescraft) 240x400 java game free download

game pic for ResourseCraft (Rescraft) Name - ResourseCraft (Rescraft)
Category - SimulationTouchscreenMinecraft
Resolution - 240x400
Type - jar
Size - 292 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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is a mobile clone of java game Minecraft. The game is updated rather often and is a serious competitor to existing analogues


Apogee account system is applied
New color scheme
Egg spawn, its craft (the egg is surrounded with diamonds)
Spawn menu, mob selection
Mobs are saved on the level
Some changes in textures
Catalog sensor was fixed
New types of wood (fir and birch), built in craft
New kind of trees: fir
Light dust for lamp craft
Light stone, drop of light dust
Light stone craft from 4 light dust
Lamp craft
Torches cannot stand under the water
Light stone was added to Hell generator (and regenerator also)