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Race Pilot 3D android game free download

game pic for Race Pilot 3D Name - Race Pilot 3D
Category - sportracing
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 1935 KB
Rating - 1/5 from 77 ratings
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ver 1.6.2, for android 2.2 and up

Race against the clock to complete tricky air courses in this 3D sim.
**By popular demand, now with Rudder!**
Race against the clock to complete tricky air courses in this 3D, accurately modelled, air race flight sim.
*Please read the note on controls further down*
Fly around a desert scene passing through hoops, past pylons and performing aerobatic maneuvers.
*Now with 17 pylon levels - is far easier than the pure hoop levels and more competitive as you take risks flying low to shave time off your score!
*New Challenge levels test to see how far you can go without making an error!
*Openfeint integrated - all levels above the training stage have leaderboards, plus achievements.
*41 levels
-7 Training
-4 Free Pylon courses
-13 Premium Pylon levels available via in-app purchase for one low price.
-6 Free Hoop courses
-6 Free Maneuvers
-5 Challenges, 1 free, 4 premium
More levels and features coming soon...
**Quick note on controls**
Race Pilot 3D has been designed to play like a flight sim and your device is like the control stick on a plane. Tilt left and the plane rolls left, it will carry on rolling left until you return the device to the level, where it will hold the angle. Tilt back to pitch up, it will keep pitching up until you return the device to centre where it will keep that angle of climb. Need any help, please email/tweet or visit
If you have any feedback on the game or experience any problems, I'd love to hear from you. Email or twitter is preferred [email protected] @eawapps
***NOTE: There is no way for me to reply to comments***
Please email or tweet @eawapps if you have a problem, I want everyone to enjoy this game, but I can't do much for you if you just post a bad comment!
Web permissions are for openfeint/market/ads (ads in pause menu only, and not shown for those who purchase the levels).
SD permissions are for openfeint.
EULA and privacy statement available here:
In development:
*More levels
*Cockpit Camera View