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REminiscence(FlashBack) symbian game free download

game pic for REminiscence(FlashBack) Name - REminiscence(FlashBack)
Category - ActionTouchscreen
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 38883 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Cence – is a port of a rather good game from DOS, this game is also available in Sega MD with the same graphics. This is a platformer in which you will run, jump and shoot.

Features of the game REminiscence (FlashBack): good graphics
high quality sound effects
you can save the game
interesting plot

1. Copy FLASHDATA folder from the archive to the root of memory card
2. Install sis package REminiscence

Operation: move left, right, up and down with the help of joystick
use the center of a joystick to use the object or to enter
C (Backspace) - inventory, start the opening
left soft button (space at QWERTY-smartphones) – take the gun
0 - run, shoot, take
right soft button – go back, options
press 0 + left(right), let left(right) off (holding 0) press up – this is a long jump
press 0 + left(right), let left(right) off (holding 0 ) any time, before you reach the edge (he will jump only in case the edge can be reached, is needed at level 2) – this is a high jump

The game requires installed QT libraries for Symbian 9.4 and for Symbian^3.