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Quake for S60 symbian game free download

game pic for Quake for S60 Name - Quake for S60
Category - shootingfighting
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 624 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 31 ratings
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Ver 9.2

The installation packages on the download page require that you have also a datafile for the game on your memorycard. Both shareware and full version work. Please do not ask me where to find the datafiles.

1. Find a suitable datafile (either shareware, or the full version form original PC version)
2. Create "quake1" folder to the root of your memorycard
3a. If you have the full version, just copy the "ID1" directory to "quake1" directory.
3b. If you have only a shareware .pak file, create "ID1" folder to "quake1" directory and the copy the shareware pak-file there
4. If you want to have cdaudio aswell, create "cdaudio" folder to the "quake1" folder. Then put the audio files as .mp3 to the "cdaudio" folder, remember to rename the files from 1.mp3 throught 10.mp3. I don't know what bitrate is the best, but I have used 256kbps and it has impact of 0.1 fps to the performance. If you do not have the required audio files, the background music is just not played.
5. install the Symbian P.I.P.S. c-runtime library, and the install the suitable version of quake.

Currently the keys are mapped as follows when ingame, in console you should be able to type by multitapping:

LSK = return / jump
RSK = esc
Joystick = forward, back, left, right, fire
* = look around (with joystick)
# = sidestep
c = change weapon
green answer key = center view
volume up/down = look around/sidestep
everything else basicly shoots in the game.

Or the you could just use a bluetooth keyboard