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Plasma Inferno 128x128 java game free download

game pic for Plasma Inferno Name - Plasma Inferno
Category - classicarcade
Resolution - 128x128
Type - jar
Size - 0 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 7 ratings
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If you've ever played an aeroplane based Shoot'em Up at the arcades, you know how fast paced they can be. Dodging bullets, shooting hordes of enemies while collecting power ups and medals. You wont find all of that here but you'll find enough to keep you entertained. The game does what it's supposed to do - it plays almost flawless on a mobile with very few minor problems.

When you first start the game, you'll be greeted with a slightly blurred "Plasma Inferno" splash screen. While this may not bother most of you, when comparing the opening screen to the level of detail that went into the game, one would think they were created by 2 different individuals! Anyhow, this game looks good and plays well. There is no hint of lag whatsoever, even with multiple on-screen enemies shooting at you, explosions, intriguing level surroundings as well as a moving star field background. That in itself had already impressed me beyond words. However, the display does have some minor flaws. For one thing, if you play in a dimly lit place, you wont be able to make heads or tails of the game as the background is black. I got hit several times by enemies as I just could not see their bullets. Also, your enemies use the same type of bullets you do ... so if you get a special "bouncing bullet" upgrade, you might mistake your enemy's bullet as one of your own and not dodge it in time.

Controls are simple enough. You can move in 8 directions, fire a standard weapon as well as have a secondary "missile launcher". Before you think differently, this is a tiny missile, not the ones in the arcade that destroy everything on screen. The developers have also been nice enough to include an auto fire feature so that you don't have to do any "button-mashing". Another thing I realised was that the end level boss graphics was the same throughout every level. Although he used different weapons, he moved the same way and looked exactly the same as his other level counterparts. I just wish the end boss graphic designs would have been different ... it would have given each level a feel of its own.

All in all, this game is pretty good except for its minor issues like the boss graphics and the dark background. Even if you aren't a fan of aeroplane Shoot'em Ups, you might want to try this game out ... it isn't as easy as it looks and it took me quite a while to complete