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Pipyakas EN GER 240x320 java game free download

game pic for Pipyakas  EN GER Name - Pipyakas EN GER
Category - leisure
Resolution - 240x320
Type - jar
Size - 1173 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 33 ratings
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Ver v1.36, for java

Collect all the Melon, if less, do not ever worry cause You can buy the melon by sending a free SMS.
And the whole equipment is available.
Melon can be use to be barter the whole of equipment.
Find the Box in midst of battle, with Him by pressing [0] key then You will open the Mercant interface.
The Guardians will shot at the right direction,but as the Newbie Pipyaka tactic will booming them (with the right placed of melon, put it in by pressing [5 or OK] keys).
PS. For each times open the merchant interface through the Box or after finnish the stage, a melon purchased will ask Your confirmation for sending a SMS. In time that will be a Pop-up message on the screen, Please ignoring the price of article, just keep confirm to sending (please with trusted PrePaid)!!!, Cause the Game is already Cracked by...