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Moon 352x416 java game free download

game pic for Moon Name - Moon
Category - Strategy
Resolution - 352x416
Type - jar
Size - 785 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Multiplayer via Bluetooth

The Moon 2039.
The Earth resources are exhausted, the planet gives up its last storages.

The Chinese space program launched successfully and turned into a new ground for mining operations and massive Moon colonization.
2007 – The launch of artificial moon satellite
2012 – Return of the satellite
2020 – Moonfall and Moon development
2024 – The first Moon expedition
2030 – The Moon base construction and settlement of tyconauts
2035 – Creation of direct landing technology

After the fail of Apollo mission renewal USA refused to take part in Moon program for the second time.

At this time unity of states, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan decided to seriously subjugate the Earth satellite.
The Great States’ technology consolidation gave a stimulus to constantly operating staff and to creation of the Moon base.

2038 – China breached the “Agreement about peaceful space”.
The first armed conflict on the Moon surface.

2039 – These days...
The armed conflict is in full swing. China tries to get monopoly to the whole Moon surface and its resources.

Moon game features:

15 battle missions all over the Moon
15 levels for two players. (Multiplayer- BlueTooth modes )
3 levels of difficulty
a possibility to play via BlueTooth (with one another)
game continuation from the point of disconnection in Multiplayer mode (BlueTooth)
the unique level of an artificial intellect
non-linear/group tactic combat CPU, attack, defense, grouping
a variety of thematic missions (capture, building, passing, holding, clean-up)
realistic Moon atmosphere (craters, hollows, falling meteorites, space shower, moon shadows)
a possibility of give orders to a single person or to groups.
interactive Real-Time map of the Moon surface.
gradually opening map ("a war mist”)
16 types of units (light infantry/ rough infantry, lunar rover, moon jeeps, hardware, gravitation equipment)
supply spacecrafts (movement of one unit with the help of other)
6 variants of facilities (main base, nuclear reactor, a warehouse for keeping collected minerals, military base, heavy industry plant, space launching site)
renovation/selling of buildings
game speed adjustment
a lot of music and realistic sounds
fascinating plot
scientific information about the Moon, its characteristics and surface map.
record table after each mission
designed in Russian language