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Meat2Eat 176x220 java game free download

game pic for Meat2Eat Name - Meat2Eat
Category - Action
Resolution - 176x220
Type - jar
Size - 515 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 26 ratings
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Late at night the phone rang in your apartment. Usually calm and confident voice of of Dr. Pavlov,your old friend, was shaking this time:

- come quickly ... my patients have run away ... they have rabies ... Only you can stop them ... - the silence in the receiver was broken by a bloodcurdling scream and the communication was interrupted.

You had nothing to do, but to take your premium 12 millimeter friend:) that was handed to you as the commander of the air ssault squad, and go to this God-forsaken clinic for the mentally ill in the Moscow suburb.

On reaching it, you immediately felt that something was wrong. Previously, the entrance was secured by grandfather Ivan, the guard, but this time the gate was closed, and a deathly silence was around. Coming out of the car and jumping over the fence, you find yourself near the locked entrance. Climbing the slippery from rain water pipe trying hard to reach the third floor,I saw a terrible picture in the light of lightning ... Yes, you have seen terrible things in Afghanistan and Chechnya, but here, in the civilian life ... In the middle of the room, gently swaying, the corpse of Dr. Pavlov was hanging, but something had gnawed his feet and tore the skin from the face ... and this "Something" has left a trail of blood, leading to an obscure corridor of the clinic.

Loosing the safety lock of the gun, you step into the darkness toward the unknown ...

Meat2Eat game features:

innovation of mobile gameplay - unlimited amunition load, as well as, the level of vaccine in the blood, diminishing with time, that should be continually replenished (instead of the traditional first-aid kits);

"vivisection" of the enemies ? shooting-off of the arms, legs and head first applied for mobile shooters;

weapons stained with blood of the killed enemies and possessing the effect of chromium;

spectacular levels, qualitatively reproducing the gloomy atmosphere of the rooms of the Soviet hospital;

unusual and fascinating story with an unexpected ending of the game;

use of the cartoons in the style of comic books during the development of the game;

music for each level, creating the right atmosphere of what is happening on the screen of a mobile phone;

lots of blood and positive emotions.