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Master Spades android game free download

game pic for Master Spades Name - Master Spades
Category - casino
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 1788 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 13 ratings
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ver 1.1.6, for android 2.2 and up

Enjoy card game Spades with great graphics on your phone (Android 2.2 and up).
Enjoy playing with Intelligent computer partner who will cover your nil, blind nil. Also will support your NT bid, Bemo Bid, And Moon & Boston, Blind 6 etc.
Not to mention opponent is also very intelligent, will try to win at all condition.
Advanced Feature:
* Unique Settings Page to set Personal Preferences.
1. Spades Broken Settings. Change settings if you want to play with Spades need to be broken or can be played anytime after first trick.
2. Disable/Enable Sandbagging.
3. Game Score settings of 300,500,1000.
4. Under Bid or Over Bid Penalty and bonus Settings.
5. Min Blind bid settings of 6 or 7.

* Bidding variations: Nil/Blind Nil, No trump Bid, Blind 6, Blind moon, 10-for-200, Moon & Boston, Little Bemo, Big Bemo.
* Intelligent AI
* Exchange cards on nil and blind nil bids
* Modes: Suicide Mode, Standard, 10-for-200, 10-for-200 with Moon or Boston, Blind 6 Mode
* Simple Tap and play interface, Double tap on any card to play exchange cards
* Watch Mode is available to Learn and Master the game
* Auto save on exit
Contact me for any features, customization or Technical queries at [email protected]