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Jenga multi java game free download

game pic for Jenga Name - Jenga
Category - Logic
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
Size - 303 KB
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game is constructed a tower of wooden rectangular bars – all the rows of bars lie horizontally, alternating direction only – line lies lengthways and a row - crosswise. Then the players begin pulling out bars, not touching the upper row, moreover they have to make it with one hand. All the bars taken out are laid on the top of the tower. The task for the players is not to mess up the construction. And a person who touched the tower last and it did not fall becomes a winner. The game seems to be simple, but imagine, that you are not the second to pull the bars, and even not the third, but for example the seventh, or the tenth…

The game develops your thinking abilities and spatial reasoning – you can not see this or that bar, but you have to imagine what it is held up by and what it supports (counterbalances) in return. Have you seen it? And now lets pull out … the exactness of movements, the hand is not trembling, do not laugh, do not be distracted…