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Halloween Castle 176x208 java game free download

game pic for Halloween Castle Name - Halloween Castle
Category - puzzlemind
Resolution - 176x208
Type - jar
Size - 121 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 9 ratings
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Forget Chicago and Moulin Rouge and pretty much every other movie musical you can think of. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best there is. In our humble opinion, at least, the 1993 film never gets old.

So we got quite excited by the prospect of a pre-Christmas mobile game based on Tim Burton's production. The licence offers endless possibilities and brilliant characters, like Zero the dog, Sally, the Major of Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock and Barrel.

But have any of them been used for the game? No, they haven't. Nightmare Before Christmas the game is a very different prospect to the film. Instead of sleigh riding, missile dodging or present making, its creator has decided to translate the experience into a puzzle game. Because, of course, Jack spends a lot of time solving puzzles and pushing pumpkins around in the movie – we must have been getting the popcorn during those segments.

Each level contains a number of presents scattered around it, and every one needs to be collected by Jack, then taken to his sack. Stages contain a selection of challenges, although once learnt, opponents and strategies for dealing with them are recycled The aim of Halloween Castle is to guide Monty the Wizard through each room.Use 'Up' (2), 'Down' (3), 'Left' (4) and 'Right' (6) to walk.If Monty touches a gemstone or any other item, he will pick this up automatically. The number of gemstones still to collect before a level can be completed is shown in the left hand corner of the screen.
A "Mistery Castle" halloween remake.