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HK Guns android game free download

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Category - leisure
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android 2.1 or above

HK Guns
This application includes the most popular weapons of gun manufacturer H&K, you might know more than one weapon because they appear in the most popular shooters like the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Counter Strike and other popular video games

## App Features ##
? The most popular weapons of H&K
? High quality images for each weapon
? High quality fire and reload sounds for each weapon
? Detailed info of each gun
? Shake your phone to simulate a real gun shot

★★★★★ List of guns included ★★★★★
- MK23
- G11
- MP5
- MP5k
- MP7
- G3
- G36C
- L85A2
- HK416
- XM8
- HK21
- MG36
- PSG1

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