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God Of War: Betrayal 132x176 java game free download

game pic for God Of War: Betrayal Name - God Of War: Betrayal
Category - ActionTouchscreen
Resolution - 132x176
Type - jar
Size - 181 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 14 ratings
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God of War Betrayal fills in the gaps between the first two God of War games, when Kratos defeated Ares to claim an Olympian throne and got something of a big head about it.
In telling the tale of Kratos' rise before a spectacular fall at the beginning of God of War II, many will tremble at the feet of this warrior-god and many a god will be displeased.
Kratos' first mobile adventure is a 2D side-scroller, not entirely unlike those we saw during the glory days of the 16-bit generation. But it's important to note right away that God of War:Betrayal is not just a cookie-cutter platformer with Kratos pasted over some other non-descript hero.

This is God of War, through and through: The action and puzzle elements are very much true to the original play station 2 games - this really is an extension of the God of War universe.
Kratos is all about action, so expect to jam on the 5 button regularly to use his brutal attacks. His default weapon, the chain swords (Athena's Blades) whip all around the screen, slicing up enemies, tossing them into the air, and leaving them on the floor in a crumpled mess...
You do not have as many combo possibilities in God of War: Betrayal as you did in God of War II, but there are still several combos such as running into an enemy as you unleash the chain swords. Kratos has access to several other choice weapons, such as Medusa's Head, Army of Hades, and the Blade of Artemis. Each one of these weapons or magic attacks have their own strengths against numerous underlings or vicious boss monsters.