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G4A: Indian Rummy android game free download

game pic for G4A: Indian Rummy Name - G4A: Indian Rummy
Category - cardboard
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 2051 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 10 ratings
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Version 1.5.0, for android 1.6 and up

A simple but addictive Rummy variant which is very popular in India.
** If you doubt our scoring, read these rules. You need a first and second life before scoring begins! **
Indian Rummy is a popular card game originating from India but played all over the world in different variations. Although it is one of the simpler Rummy variants, game play is addictive and challenging. Expert players employ intricate strategies to optimize their success rate.
The object of the game is to form the 13 cards in your hand into runs and sets.
To win the hand you need to form at least two runs, one of which is a run without jokers (a natural run), called your first life. The second run is allowed to contain jokers and is called your second life.
At the start of the game two decks of cards are shuffled together. Each player receives 13 cards and one card is placed face up on the table.
This becomes the "discard pile". The remaining stack of cards is placed face done on the table, becoming the "stock pile".
You start your turn by either taking the top card from the stock pile or the the discard pile. After ordering your cards you end your turn by discarding a card by dragging it to the discard pile.
When a player has correctly formed 13 cards into runs and sets and discards the remaining card, the other players get a last chance to order their cards before play ends.
At the end of each game all players are given penalty points based on the cards left in their hands. If you do not have a first and second life all your cards are counted as penalty cards. Otherwise only cards not in runs or sets are counted as penalty cards. Card penalty values are as follows:
- Ace, king, queen and jack are worth 10 penalty points each.
- A joker is worth 0 penalty points.
- All other cards are worth their face value in penalty points.
The match ends when a player reaches a total of 400 penalty points. The player with the fewest penalty points is the winner.