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Fats The Pig 240x320 java game free download

game pic for Fats The Pig Name - Fats The Pig
Category - misc.
Resolution - 240x320
Type - jar
Size - 141 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 12 ratings
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Ats the Pig the gamer is to try his wings in playing as a personal trainer of an unfortunate obese pig. Various sports activities such as skipping over the rope or running (and in the second part of the game it will be throwing spears, long jump, and lifting the weight) were forestalled by training mode for vulnerable piggy soul not to be subjected to severe trials due to a loss. And it is also depressing for the player to watch the inscription on the display «You are too fat» or a delicate offer sort of — maybe a little more practice after all his efforts made in trying to make a pig a champion of fitness?.  
The main thing in the game is to— quickly press the button «5» (the game is practically one-button game, except for «2» button is used in the individual races for jumping over obstacles or for jumps in the second part). To control the total sporting spirit of the piggish sportsman being tested a so called energy-meter is given — the line at the bottom of display shows how much effort your charge makes doing sports. You can not let the index fell below already achieved results otherwise a full athletic failure is waiting for the pig. An unfortunate animal exhausted by struggle against excessive weight plops down on the floor with its triple chin and falls down lifting up its sitzfleisch not worrying about more reputable look. That is why you have to «catch the rhythm» as the developers advise, and what is even easier— constantly press one and the same button, and the swine being tested will be able to claim the title of «Mr. Fitness».