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FMX III Hardcore 176x208 java game free download

game pic for FMX III Hardcore Name - FMX III Hardcore
Category - sportracing
Resolution - 176x208
Type - jar
Size - 0 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Four wheels bad, two wheels better! That's the mantra motocross fans spend their time chanting, anyway. Probably. Well, if they don't, then they definitely think it.

I-play's own motocross series is now into its third game, the upcoming FMX III Hardcore. Like the previous titles, it's a combination of racing and stunts. However, what's new is the whizzy 3D visuals in the high-end version of the game.

We've been playing a preview version, and it's clear that I-play has kept the bone-jarring physics, with your rider crumpling like a rag doll whenever you mistime a landing. Frankly, you'll be doing this for fun a fair few times, rather than trying to complete levels.

There seems to be plenty of variety in the levels, and a range of difficulty settings from Beginner through to, yes, Hardcore. Even in the early stages we've played, FMX III looks set to be a playable slice of bikey fun