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Domino Quake n70 176x208 java game free download

game pic for Domino Quake  n70 Name - Domino Quake n70
Category - actionadventure
Resolution - 176x208
Type - jar
Size - 272 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 6 ratings
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Through the most mysterious places on earth a young dragon needs your help…
Make the bricks rolling one by one down to the target. You will be amused of the clever paths the bricks will take. Nothing compares to the ACME industries, Wile E. Coyote and his unlikely tricks...

The domino-topple mania has infected the world and the young dragon Gus O'Line has just signed up the big world Domino Quake championship tournament. You will help him out find the right solution to the puzzle and see the bricks falling down to the goal. There are few objects on the scene: springs, guns, dynamite and springboards. Use them! You will be surprised of the cool evolutions of the bricks! Every race takes place on the most evocative locations on earth, from the Rapa Nui Island to India, visiting the ruins of the ancient Aztecs and the gold sands of the Sphinx. A fall of fun is waiting for you…
It’s a very cool and addictive puzzle game, with the spectacular elements of the domino topple plus some funny tricks of famous cartoon characters. The result is an intuitive, easy to play and funny game. Just a few of concentration and good eye and you’ll enjoy the Domino reaction.
60 puzzles to solve, tips and tutorials if you get stuck, progressive difficulty. Great fun for all!


* 60 puzzles
* 4 different scenarios
* Easy to play and addictive
* Detailed helps and tips
* Cool sound effects