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game pic for Dinosaur War Name - Dinosaur War
Category - RPGstrategy
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Type - android
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On the one hand it is a strategy where you should equip a colony of dinosaurs, having created good conditions for life, and on the other hand you should take part in very cruel and bloody war. In the beginning people and dinosaurs lived peacefully, but in some time there were evil powers which began to destroy people. As a result of this fight many people and dinosaurs were lost, but those who survived decided to unite with dinosaurs to expel the evil from the earth. For life maintenance in a colony you should be engaged in construction of mines, pastures and stone quarries for preparation of resources, to accustom to work of different dinosaurs and ancient animals, to create protections, to drain bogs and many other things on what life support you and your allies depends. Also you should employ armies and participate in battles. Thus you can choose weapon and armor to get advantage before enemy forces. As well as in many similar games, there’s donat so you can get things for real means. Intra game currency in the form of crystals which are quickly spent and are slowly filled is also in the game.