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Devil Hunter X 240x230 java game free download

game pic for Devil Hunter X Name - Devil Hunter X
Category - ActionTouchscreen
Resolution - 240x230
Type - jar
Size - 939 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Devil hunter X has combined a lot of great elements such as stealth killing, excellent combat system, character upgrading system, and map explorations. The great level designs and encouraging bonus setting will give you unexpected surprises. This game will provide you with beautiful scene and high-quality level design, the innovative action design makes the game rhythm very fast and intensive.

Player will encounter 4 different bosses with decidedly different abilities and appearance during the whole game process, great bonus will be rewarded in the hunter's shop after killing the bosses. A large number of traps, puzzles, quick time events and all kinds of enemies are waiting for you to challenge.

* Alunt was under siege by devils. You will set your foot on the battle of crusading against the devils, to save the humankind and become the last hope of humankind.
- The Kingdom under siege
* Alexis, where was covered by deep horror, has already become a land surrounded by devils.
* Human gets into the abyss of corruption and desperation, with sense and consciousness seized by the spreading deep fog from the devils.
* Alunt is the only survived country which was still fighting with the devils, under the protection of landgod and farseer, the country becomes the last shelter of lost human, fighting with the devils. However, the ambition of destroying all humankind was not disappeared from the dark king's mind. Through the soul of the lost human, three ancient devils were summoned to the land by opening the gate of the darkness, an attempt of the greatest assaulting to human's last shelter is about to taking place......
- 4 Evils
* The devil who offer death with its deadly claw, the chief of the ancient saverages who can shake the land and rivers, the king of ghost from the hell who roving around the land and thirsty for blood. Time after time, the kingdom was under siege by devils summoned by the Dark King.
- Hunter's Association
* With the great power of landgod, the ability of resisting the deep fog was favored, which waked up the lost human’s hope. The farseer looked through the fog, and the brood of devil was found. The king of Alunt gathered the power of the whole country, and a devil hunter's association was established. The fighters and hunters who overcame the horror pick up their weapons again, devote themselves to the great battle which decides the fate of all humankind.
- You are the ONE
* As a hunter like you, has already become the last hope of human when you step into the country on the first day.
- Let's go
* Platform action game with character upgrading system.
* 4 big missions will be given to player to hunt down 4 big devils with decidedly different abilities.
* High-quality level designs with all kinds of different elements included.
* Player will get mission by accepting warrants in the hunter’s association, where player can get higher reputation and popularity by hunting down more devils.