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Caveman Evolution 452x416 java game free download

game pic for Caveman Evolution Name - Caveman Evolution
Category - RPGstrategy
Resolution - 452x416
Type - jar
Size - 217 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 8 ratings
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Being a caveman must have been a tough gig. Catching a woolly mammoth is a feat in itself – eating it without a knife and fork is nothing short of amazing.
Now Play Wireless has decided to honour the difficult lives of our hairy ancestors by releasing Caveman Evolution, a game where you take control of a tribe of cavemen and guide them through history.
What exactly you have to do to evolve your tribe is not specifically clear yet, but if the screenshots are anything to go by it looks as though you must use a trampoline to bounce one of your cavemen around the screen in order to catch falling collectables.
The developer, Zed, has included rag-doll effects physics developed specifically for the game, which apparently cause your character to bounce amusingly around the screen. Presumably like a rag-doll.
There are four eras of human history in the game, which eventually sees your tribe of cavemen make it to a future beyond our own, wherein presumably they can lead lives involving less hardship, less chasing wild animals, and more formal dining etiquette.