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CAPCOM Dont Pull 320x240 java game free download

game pic for CAPCOM Dont Pull Name - CAPCOM Dont Pull
Category - classicarcade
Resolution - 320x240
Type - jar
Size - 112 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 16 ratings
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With a title like Don't Pull, it's not immediately obvious what you're going to get with this game. We were half convinced it was going to include some sort of advice on how to get a date. Fortunately it didn't โ€“ although we can't pretend we wouldn't be grateful for any help we can get. Instead, the words 'don't pull' simply relate to blocks that can be pushed about to kill enemies (but not pulled, as is made crystal clear).

Don't Pull will feel instantly familiar to anyone who's played an arcade puzzler before. So that's everyone. Each of its maze-like levels, which are built from blocks, are quite reminiscent of Pac-Man.

As in the arcade classic, you control a character who's darting about getting stuff โ€“ in this case a rabbit after blocks instead of a yellow blob after pellets โ€“ and you need to avoid running into any of the randomly patrolling enemies on the screen. If you do end up having a collision, the level resets and you need to start all over again.