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Bumblebee Race android game free download

game pic for Bumblebee Race Name - Bumblebee Race
Category - actionadventure
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 14609 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 3 ratings
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Game Bumblebee Race a bumblebee will be your hero, who needs to help to reach a beehive and to deliver honey. The bumblebee got on the brisk route and now he needs to put a lot of effort to manage to evade from all cars and to reach a native beehive. You should show dexterity and lightning reaction, maneuvering between cars rushing on the road. The game process is the simplest — your bumblebee will fly forward and turn aside from cars. He has not only to reach the house, but also to carry honey, which he will eat in his way to restore powers. If the bumblebee eats a lot of honey or if you lose it, trying to avoid collisions, level should be replayed. There’re also some bonuses which will help him to hold on longer and to reach a beehive. Besides the main task at each level it will be necessary to carry out a small task, and you will be able to get additional points for it.