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Apricots for s60v3 symbian game free download

game pic for Apricots for s60v3 Name - Apricots for s60v3
Category - leisure
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v5
Size - 442 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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Ver v1.06.1, for Symbian

The original version of the game dates back to around 1991. The very first version of the game was written on an Amiga, using the AMOS language, and the game was called 'Planegame'. This was a very simple affair with simplistic landscapes, no guns or shrapnel, and very limited computer AI. It was also dreadfully slow. The AMOS compiler improved things somewhat at a later date. A couple of years later I obtained the BLITZ language for the Amiga, and ported 'Planegame' carefully over to that, resulting in a huge speedup. Impressed by the capabilites of BLITZ, in 1995 I proceeded to rewrite the game entirely from scratch, even using completely new graphics and sound. The result was 'Planegame2', which, for various reasons also got dubbed 'Apricots'. This new version of the game added anti-aircraft guns, shrapnel, trees, towers, water, better airbases and a huge improvement on graphics, sound, and intelligent computer AI. Slightly later, in 1996, the Draks were added as a bit of amusement. The result was a highly playable game, which I distributed to a few of my friends. A few years later and I now use a PC, which can run Linux. Having learnt C++ by this time, at the beginning of 2002 I felt ready enough to port 'Apricots' cross platform from BLITZ on the Amiga to C++ on a Linux PC. What you see here is work in progress on that port. The game has been tweaked slightly while being ported over, so is not identical to the Amiga version.