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Alien Defense 101 android game free download

game pic for Alien Defense 101 Name - Alien Defense 101
Category - actionadventure
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 2043 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 12 ratings
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V 1.3.1, for Android 2.0 and up

Defend against waves of Aliens. Blast UFOs into pieces. Awesome retro fun!
Shoot and destroy action!
Defend Earth against waves of Aliens. Blast giant UFOs into pieces. Endure your Captain's snide remarks. All in the day of a rookie space pilot who is Humanity's last hope against aliens! Come and see what kind of rookie you are!
Alien Defense 101 is a retro arcade Shoot'em Up for your Android. If you enjoy shooting and blasting things up you are going to enjoy this. In Alien Defense 101 you can:
- Combat 12 intelligent enemy types in our pseudo-3D engine!
- Blow-up, shoot, dice and kill enemies in "Casual" difficulty or face the meanest in hellish "Real Deal"
- Level up your spaceship as you beat your best records
- Gather weapon power ups in battle to accelerate your rampage
- Get ranked and see how you will be remembered by your brother in arms! Fulfill your call of duty and get your medal of honor!
- NEW EXTRA! Captain Cody's Weapons Pack - supercharged weapons to kick alien ass! 6 types of new weapons including Defense Matrix, Lightning Gun, M6 Missiles and more!
- NEW! Now a fully compatible tablet game, in HD! Got a tablet? Try this game for a spin and tell us what you think!
If you enjoyed 1942, 1943, R-type, space invaders in the arcades, or other shoot-em-ups and games like Sky Force, Mortal Skies, Air Strike, Mini Squadron, Pacific Wings, ExZeus Arcade, Siberian Strike, Space War, Alien Invasion, Radiant, Air Attack HD, Pew Pew, Gun Bros, and other top-down shooting arcades, this game will not disappoint you! Come get some arcade shoot-em-up action!
100% real beta tester comments:
- "Space invaders on steroid!" @wilfred1946
- "Best shooter around! More retro games like this for me please, less Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas!" @nemo
- "Great retro gaming for gamers!" @maxdiff
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