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Alien Battle 2 android game free download

game pic for Alien Battle 2 Name - Alien Battle 2
Category - sportracing
Resolution - multi
Type - android
Size - 1732 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 32 ratings
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Ver 1.4, for android 1.5 and up

Earth Battle Cool Game
Aliens are ploting to invade Earth and enslave human Bings,Is this Gonna be 2012?
Now we need to save earth and entire human beings,fight against aliens as a warplane pilot.Aliens have many machines which features different power.Some with powerful machine guns,some come close to earth invisible as a ghost,some with really fast speed,some disguise themselves as something else,BE CAREFUL of those creatures and machines!
Tap to fire,THAT'S IT!
At the beginning,you can only fire at aliens one after another.As you level up,once you get machine guns,you could fire continuously.When bullets are used up,they will be automatically loaded,but you have to wait for a while before that.Fire at different stuff for bonus,some will really SURPRISE you! xoom supported,tablet supported.
Earth Battle,Earth Invasion,Alien Invasion,earth defense