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Age Of Magic symbian game free download

game pic for Age Of Magic Name - Age Of Magic
Category - RPGstrategy
Resolution - multi
Type - Symbian s60v3
Size - 3887 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 28 ratings
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S a cornerstone in the world of AoM.
There are six schools of magic in total: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. You cannot study two opposite schools, for example if you know the magic of darkness, you cannot study the magic of light. Initially each race has capability to some certain school of magic. For humans it is magic of water, for elves – light, for necromancers – darkness, for barbarians –fire and so on. You can get spells in the magic guilds in cities or in the magic towers which you can see on the map. There are 5 levels of spells in total, the higher the level is, the greater effect is, the higher cost and requirements for study are.

The game offers 6 kinds of resources – stone, wood, mercury, sulphur, magic crystals and gold. Each of the resources can be received in some certain places. Collect resources, construct cities, study magic, hire the army. This is the main strategy of this game.