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3D Alpha Zone 128x128 java game free download

game pic for 3D Alpha Zone Name - 3D Alpha Zone
Category - classicarcade
Resolution - 128x128
Type - jar
Size - 63 KB
Rating - 3/5 from 9 ratings
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3D Alpha Zone, apart from its rather catchy theme tune and loose story, offers 8 Levels, each bigger than the previous, with the layout varying each time. The main objective throughout the game is simple: collect the different coloured keys to advance to the next level, which may sound a bit like Doom. Truth be told, it takes quite a lot out of id software??s pride and joy. The consistently dreary environments of the indoors, the unusual enemies, and the heavy duty weapons, for example. However, don??t expect the instant satisfaction you always got out of Doom from this. Unfortunately, 3D Alpha Zone throws the action at you too fast. From the very beginning of the first level, while I was still finding my way around the controls, armed only with a pistol, I was instantly attacked by soldiers coming from every direction, and obviously died. I found this was the situation in nearly every level, it didnt even matter what weapon I used.

Despite its gameplay problems, the game is presented very well. A lot of time has evidently been spent on the audio section, with players able to hear gunfire, elevators moving, doors opening, items being collected, and finally, the last screams of death from your enemies. Excellent. But the enemies are still nothing but 2D pictures, and your character hasn??t embraced the 3D world around him.

In conclusion, 3D Alpha Zone is, unfortunately, nothing more than a pretty face in 3D mobile gaming. While it may look the part, some serious work is needed to make the gameplay as great as it appears.